Seven keys to a woman's jewelry box.

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  • April 16, 2018

It's every woman's dream to be a woman, and if you want to, you need to know the MUST in their jewelry box, as well as the wardrobe. The idea that jewelry is the best friend of a woman, with different styles, can also be matched with different styles and charm, or elegance, or leisure, or career... A small piece of jewelry does have such a big effect. If you have no idea about jewelry, check out the seven key recommendations.

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Key 1: long necklace.

A classic contracted long necklace, just like a little black dress from a closet, evening dress or daily, has joker effect, this is from chanel, has formed the invariable truth. The key to the pairing is that it will give you a unique and stylish look.

Key 2: diamond studs.

A pair of contracted diamond earring, believe is all elegant lady jewelry box must design, be like the basic model in fashion, any collocation can not go wrong.

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Key 3: Cocktail Ring Cocktail Ring.

Time back to North America in the 1950 s, in the era of people wearing a certain specification, cocktail ring is women in that time period, such as a cocktail dinner wear on the right hand ring. An ornate cocktail ring is dazzled by its magical beauty, and no matter which finger it wears, it will shine.

Key 4: overlay bracelets.

For the current trend of jewelry trends, superposed bracelets are definitely one of the hottest trends, and the more the better! This kind of collocation also forms a strong contrast with the wearing of wrist watch.

Key 5: simple earrings.

Every woman needs a pair of simple and elegant earrings, which is an important part of her life. A pair of diamond earrings are the most classic pieces of jewelry in both parties and weddings.

Key 6: colored gem pendant.

Fine colored gemstone pendants, whether paired with a classic black dress or jeans and a T-shirt, can give you a different elegance or style.

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Key 7: classic watch.

A classic watch is something every woman should have. A classic watch will be something you have for a lifetime. It will never go out of style and record every important moment in your life, and it will give you timeless elegance.

Every woman should have her own jewelry box, which contains not only the woman's beloved treasure, but also her mysterious and unique story.

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