Boyang packing is a Box and bag Manufacturer in China.

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  • October 18, 2017

First , welcome to visit our site and leave message to us.

Because our box site have many kinds of our jewelry boxes, and we want to show these boxes to our clients to get more business chance. Maybe our box site like a retail site, like a wholesale site, but in fact, it is not , we are a factory. And we don't have any boxes in stock, we just produce the boxes based on our client's requirements.


We find many visiters leave the message , want to get one case or dozen boxes of which item no. . Very sorry for that, we don't have any products in stock, we should remade the boxes based on your ideas. We just show these boxes in our site, to let you know , our factory can produce these styles, these structures, these shapes gift boxes, and many of our gift boxes, they are our clients' designs, our factory can't produce them for other clients.

There is just a showroom for visiters , not a online retail shop. You can't find any prices for the boxes, you can't find any buy button, we are not a retailer and wholesaler for jewelry boxes.

Because many visiters don't check our site carefully, because none want to pay more time to learn more information about one site, maybe you just stop 10 minutes , you can't find the about us page , so you think our site is a retail site, then you leave a message. I am very sorry for it, if so , just waste your time, because I can't change the site view, I can't add any big bold "Boyang Packing is a Box Manufacturer , not a box wholesaler , not a box retailer,


Of course, if you want to order bulk quantity boxes from China, you can send us a email, [email protected] , we are glad to quote our best factory price for your reference.

Thanks and best regards

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