BoYang Packaging: New era we need Craftsmanship

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  • April 24, 2018

In an era of blind worship of wolf culture and internet economy, the traditional manufacturing industry uttered little sound, especially in the packaging industry. However, in Europe, there are still a number of excellent manufacturing companies that have continued for 100 years and have never forgotten their original intentions and adhered to their own hearts. Boyang Packaging visited various European manufacturing companies and visited their high-value headquarters and factories in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Their postcard-like office environment and high-oxygen air are the keys to their dialogue. They talk about the brand's own story and their understanding of "Craftsmanship." Because of them, we were able to uncover the veil of European craftsmanship.

Inheritance - Use time to measure wealth

The presence of goldsmiths in Europe is at least a thousand years old. It is a very old industry. It is very important that the balance of science and technology is involved when and how it is involved. The Gubaolin family's jewelry studio has long introduced 3D design software and 3D printing. Boyang Packaging believes that the quality of jewelry still depends on the craftsmen's expertise and manual work.
Custom jewelry box factory
"Automation" - Industry 4.0 - Free up your hands

The history of industrial change is also the evolutionary history of industrial automation. During this period, if you carefully analyze the employment of humanity during this period, the unemployment rate has never risen because of the technological revolution. There is no relationship between the unemployment rate and the degree of automation. Some European countries have high unemployment rates, which are basically other reasons than automation.

"Order" - the core of manufacturing

The core of manufacturing is not quality, but the production of "orderly" perfect division of labor. The important embodiment of the spirit of the craftsmen is the fine production in the large industrial fields, which gradually improve the production order, which is also the core competitiveness of manufacturing. The core behind this is "order." Industry 2.0 can't “carry over” to 4.0 in any case, and everything should be a natural extension.

"Details" - No quality innovation?

A Swiss army knife must be 91 millimeters long. This is the result of experience, the optimal length of the so-called “pocket tool”. Now, a 91 mm long, 8-story classic Swiss Army Knife can accommodate 22 tools and is assembled from 64 parts. A total of 450 production processes are required. “We have no secrets. Our production and standards are simple, but we focus on every detail of production.”

2018, let us talk about the "Craftsmanship"

In an era of advocating Internet +, the traditional manufacturing industry seldom vocalized, and asset prosperity and financial prosperity without real economic prosperity are alarming. Bo Yang Packaging believes that it is time to revisit the “Craftsmanship” and prepare for the economic downturn.

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