2016 Asia Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair

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  • May 03, 2018

   2016 Asian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair has been held successful on September. We presented our product mainly in simple and warm color style,with exquisite products, fashionable style, superior quality  and  professional service, we won customer’s trust and made them fond of  our products.
   Hundreds of people’s visiting made us become focus in the fair,most of visitors showed much interest in our product and  asked questions frequently to try to know more about us and products.Boyang always have been adhering to “ honest,high quality,good service and creative design”and help customer to enhance product value is our main target and mission.

   Total 5 peoples joined this team and attended in the fair,our workgroup have new colleagues and expectant mother,they have been well understood and comprehended each other while they lived and worked together,we saw Boyang’s home culture that is is warm and kind from our team.

   Team photo on the picture one and gave a special nave of “Three Xia Girls” on picture two.

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   CEO Peng with our VIP customer

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   Our team with customers
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